Berry History Week 2024

March 18-22

We had a wonderful time celebrating our shared Berry history and highlighting the student life experience during Berry History Week 2024!

Berry History Week was a collaborative effort between the Alumni Council's Heritage Committee and the Alumni Office.

Congratulations to our Winners!

Instagram - Top 3
  • First Place: Debbie @ddpresc
  • Second Place: Madison Morris @madisontmorris
  • Third Place: Cori Carmony @c_price617, Kristy Helms @kmh97, Matt Lingerfelt @littlest_linger

Instagram Random Winners

  • Ashley Sheppard @sheppash, Carla Schwartz Levin @carlitaschwartz, Mollie Martin @molliegmartin, Beth Earnst @bethearnst, Amber @times.png

Facebook - Top 3

  • First Place: Chris Hayes and Rebecca Hettrick
  • Second Place: Laura Puckett Boler and Paula Morris
  • Third Place: Deanna Cunningham Carter and Kendall Jackson Liscom

Facebook - Random Winners

  • Donna Thompson Braden, Beth Jackson Gaines, David Sundy, Fred Tharpe, Sarah Littlefield Land

Berry History Week - Trivia Answers

Multiple Choice Monday

1. Which Berry athletic team won the school's first national championship?
  • A. Women's Soccer
  • B. Men's Golf
  • C. Equestrian
  • D. Women's Basketball
  • E. Men's Cross Country

Answer: D - Women's Basketball (1976)

2. What mode of transportation was NOT used by contestants in KCAB's former event, the Herman 500?

  • A. Roller Blades
  • B. Tricycles
  • C. Motorized Toilets
  • D. Segways
  • E. None of the above (all were used at some point)

Answer: A - Roller Blades

3. Berry has always had a robust offering of clubs and activities. Which of the following was NOT an on-campus organization in the 1940s?

  • A. The Business Women's Association
  • B. The Poultry Science Club
  • C. Poetry Reading and Writing Club
  • D. Loquacity Brotherhood
  • E. All were on campus

Answer: E - All Existed

4. Which of the following musical groups did not perform at Berry?

  • A. Allman Brothers
  • B. Indigo Girls
  • C. Zac Brown Band
  • D. Third Day
  • E. Avett Brothers

Answer: B-Zac Brown Band

True or False Tuesday

1. Berry College had to obtain a court ruling overriding a stipulation in Martha Berry's will in order to establish a football program.

  • False …but it was a rampant rumor that the land owned by the school would be redirected to other heirs if the school played contact sports.

2. Viking Fusion was previously called Viking Vision.

  • True - was also previously called TV10

3. Edward Dickey was hired as the first full-time athletic director for the college in 1946.

  • False: Garland Dickey was hired as AD. He and his brother Edward re-established intercollegiate competition for the school.

4. A 50-yard swim competition in Victory Lake was part of the Mountain Day Festivities in the 1920s.

  • True: Sports competitions have long been a part of the annual fall weekend, typically between residence halls or literary societies. The Mountain Day Olympics were established in the 1970s and have continued as a tradition for 50 years.

5. Dancing was prohibited on campus until Henry Ford requested student participation.

  • True: The first dance was held in Ford Gym

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. In which sport did athletes engage in the first interscholastic/extramural competition and when? (point for sport and point for year)
  • Answer: Baseball, 1904

2. Music has been an important student involvement activity at Berry since the beginning of the schools. An early group was established to keep alive the old folk songs of the Southern Mountains and were often mentioned in letters to Martha Berry from visitors to the schools. What were they called?

  • Answer: The Ballad Girls. Not only did they sign folk music and ballads, but they also dressed in costumes from the era of their grandmothers.

3. What year was the first Marthapalooza event held?

  • Answer: 2005; it was created as an alternative to the off-campus Field Party held on Mtn Day Weekend

4. Just before Berry became the Vikings, what colorful moniker was used by the Basketball teams?

  • Answer: The Blue Jackets

5. KCAB held an event for many years called MRQ. What did this acronym stand for?

  • Answer: Martha's Rome Quest, an event that included a scavenger hunt, physical challenges and a trivia questions.

Contest Rules

  • The contest will be held on the Berry Alumni Facebook and Instagram accounts. You must respond on the posts each day in these accounts to receive points.
  • A point will be given for every correct answer.
  • Points can only be earned with correct answers on one social media account. In other words, you get a point for a correct answer on Facebook or Instagram but not for both if answering for the same question.
  • An additional three points can be earned for a Throwback Thursday photo.
  • Bonus points can be earned by participating in the "Where's Martha" Wednesday.
  • The top three individuals with the highest point totals will receive an Always Berry prize pack.
  • Five random names will be drawn out of ALL participants for the week and these individuals will win an Always Berry T-shirt.


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