Why Give

Create Opportunity for Students



Opportunity: An invitation to move beyond one's circumstances and embrace a brighter future.

Now more than ever, promising young people seeking a college experience that is both distinctive and relevant need your help to make their dreams a reality. Your support offers certainty in uncertain times, empowering them to pursue a life-changing education without worrying about the burden of excessive debt.

Martha Berry's vision of enhancing lives and communities through education is the foundation for what is today one of America's leading liberal arts colleges. Building on the work she started in 1902, we strive to extend the gift of opportunity to students of all backgrounds — including those for whom college once seemed out of reach.

With guidance and encouragement from a close-knit network of mentors, students willing to work hard to achieve their goals undertake a four-year journey of academic rigor and personal and professional development. The value of this approach is reflected in the accomplishments of alumni instilled with the knowledge, work-ethic, confidence and character to create, innovate, serve and lead.

A new generation is eager to embrace this promise as their own. The potential is there. You have the opportunity to unleash it.

Let's get started.

Always Berry