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Alumni Work Week 2024

As one of our most honored and distinctive traditions, Alumni Work Week is a special way for alumni and friends to enjoy fellowship while also giving back to Berry. From May 19 to May 24, 2024, alums from across the generations returned to their alma mater, ready to roll up their sleeves and give back a "labor of love" to the place that gave them so much.

What is Alumni Work Week?

Started in 1985 by Billy Smith (39H), Alumni Work Week has been a cornerstone event at Berry—a unique blend of reunion and service. It's a time when former students and friends come together to support Berry's efforts of maintaining its beautiful campus and facilities. This hands-on event is not just about manual labor; it's about fostering a sense of community, rekindling old friendships, and making new ones.

Crews That Participated

This year's event saw a solid turnout, with numerous dedicated crews working on a variety of projects:

  • Activities/Auction Crew: Organized engaging activities and a lively auction to raise funds and keep spirits high.
  • Archives Crew: Worked diligently to preserve Berry's rich history by organizing and cataloging historical documents and artifacts.
  • Bench Crew: Focused on restoring benches around the campus, providing much-needed seating for students and visitors.
  • Caning Crew: Expertly repaired and caned stools, ensuring their continued use and preservation.
  • Christopher/Fuqua Crew: Took on a building rehabilitation at Oak Hill, repairing and painting a tool shed located just behind the historic home.
  • DVD Crew: Meticulously recorded the events of the week, capturing the hard work, camaraderie, and joy of Alumni Work Week 2024. Their efforts ensured that memories of this wonderful event could be shared and cherished for years to come. You can watch the highlights in the video below.
  • House O' Dreams Crew: Engaged in upkeep and beautification of the iconic House O' Dreams and the surrounding grounds, one of Berry's most cherished landmarks.
  • Meal Services Crew: Served delicious meals, ensuring all volunteers were well-fed and energized.
  • Oak Hill Grounds Crew: Maintained and enhanced the picturesque grounds of the Oak Hill property, Berry's founder's home. The crew also worked to refurbish and catalog tools and other historical artifacts from a former tool shed.
  • Quilting Crew: Crafted beautiful quilts, some of which were auctioned off to raise funds for the college.
  • Sewing & Weaving Crew: Created various textile projects, including curtains for the upstairs windows at the House of Dreams. This crew contributed both functional items and artistic pieces for Sunshine Textiles.
  • Snack Wagon Crew: Delivered much-needed snacks and refreshments to volunteers across the campus, keeping everyone fueled and hydrated.

Looking Back

Alumni Work Week 2024 proved to be a memorable event, celebrating the spirit of service and the enduring bond between Berry and its alumni. As participants gathered to work, laugh, and reminisce, they also built a brighter future for the next generation of Berry students.

Thank you to all who packed their work gloves and made a difference. We look forward to seeing you next year!


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