2020-21 Members

Young Alumni Leadership Giving Circle

We are pleased to honor the following young alumni for giving at a leadership level among their peers during Berry's 2020-21 giving year. Recognition reflects total cash gifts and pledge payments made between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns about your placement, contact Maddie Jordan Miller (19C) at mamiller@berry.edu or 706-238-7966.


(Equivalent to $1,000 annual donor)

Phillip Alexander (21C)
Kelly Alters (21C)
Sarah Babione (21C)
Breelan Baxter (21C)
Thomas Benton (21C)
Hunter Berry (21C)
Shakarah Boswell (16C)
Zion Brown (21C)
Dakota (14C) and Melissa Kelly (14c) Burke
Noah Caldwell (21C)
Nick (17C) and Mary Grace Carr
Julia Churchill (21C)
Ivy Collins (21C)
Anthony and Kerrie Hartline (17C) Dalrymple
Emilie Davis (21C)
Darryl Delsoin (21C)
Kelsey Doerr (21C)
Haley Edmondson (19C)
Mary Emily Entrekin (21C)
Paolo Francisco (21c)
Sara Freeman (21C)
Allie Freshour (16C)
Emma Garcia (21C)
Chase Gooding (18C)
Jessie Goodson (20c)
Jess Gross (17C)
Madeliene Guillen Wofford (21C)
Cassie Hale (14C)
Blake (15C) and Brittni Dulaney Hall
Will (11C) and Dana Wenger (13C) Harper
Bert Harrison (11C) and Courtney (11C) Cooper
Emma Hatcher (21C)
Savanna Herron (21C)
Chris (14C) and Kimberly Bagnell (14C) Human
Trinity Hutchins (21C)
Alisa Jordan (21C)
Caroline Landers (21C)
Jeremiah Lane (21C)
Savanna LaPorte (21C)
Jacqueline Lea (21C)
Jehiel Lemon (21C)
Rachel LeRoy (15C)
David Lindsey (21C)
Laney Lutjens (21C)
Cam Mallett (20C)
Nicky (13C) and Susan Doane (13C, 16G) Mann
Hannah McCain (21C)
Noah and Maddie Jordan (19C) Miller
Caroline Moe-Lunger (21C)
Bryce Nethery (21C)
McKenzie Owen (21C)
Sunday and Funmi (18C) Peters
Wyatt Peterson (18C)
Rebecca Raines (21C)
Allison Rhodes (21C)
Phillip Robinson (17C)
Jamil Sawyerr (21C)
Shelby Sims (21C)
Lily Smith (21C)
Madison Smith (21C)
Erika Sprecher (21C)
Maggie Stansell (17C)
Bobby Tannhauser (21C)
Alex Thomas (17C)
Seth Tucker (21C)
Max von Schmeling (21C)
Mike (14C) and Chrissy Ricketts (15C) Voso
Graham (18C) and Joanna Logan (18C) Wall
Sydney Weaver (17C, 19G)
Emma Wells (16C)
Lydia West (17C)
Katie White (21C)
Amberlee Williams
Kayli Wilson (16C)
Kyle (13C) and Julie Zimmerman (14C) Wilson
Always Berry