2019-20 Members

Young Alumni Leadership Giving Circle

We are pleased to honor the following young alumni for giving at a leadership level among their peers during Berry's 2019-20 giving year. Recognition reflects total cash gifts and pledge payments made between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020.

If you have questions or concerns about your placement, contact Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship Brenda Jenkins at bjenkins@berry.edu or 706-378-2868.


(Equivalent to $1,000 annual donor)

Alex Denzik Alewine (10C)
Shakarah Boswell (16C)
Jordan Brannen (17C)
Josh Bullock (17C)
Mary Cerny (17C)
Aaron (15C) and Lizzie Hendrix (15C) Chastain
Parker (17C) and Carroll Autry (16C) Clavijo
Leah Cobb (17C)
Anthony and Kerrie Hartline (17C) Dalrymple
Holly Davis (14C)
Jacob Delk (18C)
Matt Farinella (16C)
Jess Gross (17C)
Blake (15C) and Brittni Dulaney Hall
Ty Hampel (16C)
Chris (14C) and Kimberly Bagnell (14C) Human
Dale Jackson (17C)
Stephen Jenkins (15C)
Hunter Jones (16C)
Cameron Kapperman (13C)
Rachel LeRoy (15C)
Ashley Swanson Lingerfelt (15C)
Tommy McCloskey (16C)
Drew McCollum (17C)
Megan Michel (18C)
TJ Montgomery (17C)
Hannah Parker (18C)
Sunday and Funmi (18C) Peters
Elizabeth Ragland (18C)
Joy Schmidt (11C)
Maggie Stansell (17C)
John (10C) and Courtney Toth (10C) Tatum
Erika Bunpermkoon Thurman (13C)
Zach Valentine (16C)
Miranda Vega (19C)
Mike (14C) and Chrissy Ricketts (15C) Voso
Graham (18C) and Joanna Logan (18C) Wall
Anna McNulty West (16C)
Lydia West (17C)
Porter Wilbanks (19C)
Cate Williams (19C)
Kayli Wilson (16C)
Logan (15C) and Abbie Smith (17C) Yerbey

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