2022-23 Members

Martha Berry Society

We are pleased to honor the following alumni and friends for giving at the leadership level ($1,000 and above) during Berry's 2022-23 giving year. Recognition reflects total cash gifts and pledge payments made between July 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023.

If you have questions or concerns about your placement, contact Allison Hattaway, Berry's assistant director of stewardship, at ahattaway@berry.edu or 706-236-2286.

  • Bronze Members: $1,000 - $4,999 per fiscal year
  • Silver Members: $5,000 - $9,999 per fiscal year
  • Gold Members: $10,000 - $24,999 per fiscal year
  • Platinum Members: $25,000 and above per fiscal year


($25,000 and above)

Betty Anne Rouse Bell (52H, 56C)
Randy and Nancy Berry
Stephen and Brenda Briggs
Vaughn and Nancy Bryson
Steve Cage (74C)
Raiford T. (66C) and Patricia Cartee Cantrell
Al (61c) and Becky Browning (61C) Christopher
Evan Crosby (60C)
John Eadie (83C)
Edward (57C) and Evelyn Quarles (57C) England
Roger and Elaine Estill
Joan Fulghum
Lee Anne George and David Rapp
Walter Gill (63C)
Michele Irwin Griswell (70C)
Peter (53H, 57C) and Emmaline Beard (55H, 59C) Henriksen
Buford Jennings (58C)
Mark (82C) and Judy Howard (82C) Keappler
John (54H) and Debra Lie-Nielsen
Roger (79C) and Candy Caudill (82c) Lusby
Wanda Riggs Mack
Buzz and Barbara Mote (61C) McCoy
Audrey B. Morgan
Peter and Tamara Musser
Scott Neal
Mark Nizdil
The late Pat Pattillo
Jim and Lonnie Puhger
Brent (88C) and Georgia Ragsdale
Sam (76C, 78G) and Nancy Duvall (77C) Ratcliffe
Reg (51C) and Maxine Strickland
Robert (04C) and Tessa Frye (07C) Swarthout
Martha Taylor
Carol and Ramon Tomé
Jim and Barbara Van Meerten
Joe and Marti Walstad
Gary (89G) and Bambi Estill (79c) Waters
Mack (62C) and Wanda Hixson (62C) Weems
Oliver Welch (52H)
Claudia Moore Williams (76C)
Bob Williams
Buster (73C) and Janice Wright


($10,000 to $24,999)

Brian and Emily Beals
Jimmy (60C) and Luci Hill (60C) Bell
Daniel and Patricia Blanton
Brian (97C) and Susan Wells (97C) Brodrick
The late Carlton Brown (52c)
Turner and Blair Burson
Brad and Kimberly Bushnell
Leslie Choitz (76C)
Bert (82C) and Cathy Clark
Paul (88G) and Shannon Clark
John (04C) and Jackie Feit (05c) Coleman
Larry (69C) and Nadine NeSmith (71c) Covington
Jimmy Davis (69C)
Tommy (78C) and Kelley Dopson
Brian and Theresa Dulaney
Russell Evans
Robynne Schmidt Ferguson (89C)
Charles Fullgraf
Nathan (20C) and Mary McLane (21C) Gaby
Will Gaines (93C) and Tara Ravi
Bradford Gooch
Todd (88C) and Amber Pruitt (89C) Grubbs
Gregory (82C) and Judith Cash (85C) Hanthorn
Mark and Sonia Ivey
Travis James (97C)
Patricia Lipscomb Lipscomb (68C)
Scott Markle (92C)
Blaine and Sara Ellen Midkiff Minor
Amos Montgomery
Mark Moraitakis (91C)
Scott and Wendy Morgan
Mary Nadassy
Joanne Owens
Linda Petty
Joe (65C) and Nelda Parrish (64C) Ragsdale
Tom Ratchford
Earnest Rodgers (60C)
Bill and Kay Stokely
Denise Sumner (89C)
Al Terry (63C)
Mandy Tidwell (93C)
Charlie Underwood (53H, 57C)
Art and Kelly Vanwingerden
Wes Walraven
Carlton and Shannon Walstad
Sarah and Blaise Warren
Steve (80C) and Cindy Snead (80C) Wherry
Becky Moore White (82C)
Mary Wooton


($5,000 to $9,999)

Charlie Burdette (68C) and Lauren Timmerman Abrams (74C)
Dale Ash
Mark Aubel (81C)
Mark Beaver (97C)
Carol Buchanan Blair (56H)
Rob Brock (83C)
Linda Brown
Joyce Carper
Doug (83C) and Sabrina Vail (84C) Carter
Heather Taylor (97C) Cloud
Brian and Maria Connors
Doug and Cyndi Court
Mike and Margaret Crego
Dennis (74A, 78C) and Donna Word (78C) DaSilva
Angela Dickey Dickey (75A, 79C)
Calvin Doss (49C)
Charles and Jane Downey
Charlie Elrod (86C)
Cleone Elrod
Ray Fewell
Jeff (81C) and Debbie Field
John (72C) and Gail Saunders (72C) Frazier
Mack and Liz Gay
Vince Griffith (81C) and Angela Hartley
Allen Hayes
Joyce Heames
Jean Miller Hedden (52C)
Steve (10G) and Debbie Heida
Howell Hollis
Jack and Karen Holley (74C) Horrell
Jeff (07C) and Amber Cole (08C) Jahn
Janna Johnson
Dale Jones (71C)
Scott and Pamela Keller
Joanna and Robert Klein
Michael Klein (15C)
Angie Wilkey Lewis (89C)
Kenneth and Valerie Sapp (76C) Makant
Owen (97C) and Tina Campbell (95C, 97G) Malcolm
Phil (68C) and Charlotte Lee (71C) Malone
Araya Mesfin (98C)
Kennard and Joy Jones (83C) Neal
Bettyann O'Neill and Ken Sicchitano
Mary Outlaw
Mary Page
Bill (76C) and Janet Pence
Mark Piecoro (90C)
Don Slater (77C) and Debbie Poss (78C)
Dan and Kelley Poydence
Jason (94C) and Kelly McElroy (94C) Richardson
Frances Richey Richey (83A, 87C)
Pete and Carol Roberts
Barbara Robertson Robertson (79C)
Sylvia Roseen
Doris Rowland
Darwin Samples (50C)
Lee Shealy (82C)
Chad Shoultz
Daniel Spangler
Margaret Steward
Roger (53H) and Neomia Sundy
Michael Thompson (87C)
Ron (61C) and Bernice Thornton
Billy (62H, 66C) and Marvalee Lord (65C) Townsend
Shannan Tracy
Roger Tutterow (84C)
Freddie (94C) and Jennifer Helton (95C) Villacci
Charles Welden
Sidney (60C) and Nancy Harris (61C) Wheeler
Chuck Yarbrough (80C)


($1,000 to $4,999)

Tom (85C) and Kim Evans (84C) Adams
Mairo Akposé-Simpson (97C)
Dan Alban (00C)
Brad Alexander (95C)
Bret Alexander
Jon Allen (01C)
Sheila Allen
Katie Hughes Anthony (05C)
Stephen Aultman (00C)
Lynn Austin Austin (77C)
David and Laura Axelson
J.B. (78C) and Diane Brett (81c) Bader
Bill Bannister (56H)
Richard Barley (49H)
Matt Barrett (97C)
Frank Barron
Doris Lane Beall (47C)
William (53C) and Bonnie Pierce (54c) Bell
Barbara Bentley
Jim and Molly Berry
Jessica Berry and Jose Avila
Tom Berry
Billy Blanchard (93C)
Jane Jones Block (86C)
Beth Williams Boykin (92C)
Rusty and Priscilla Bradley
Kirc and Jenny Breissinger
Alan Bridges (79C)
John (62C) and Geraldine Johnson (62C) Bridges
Ronnie Bridgman
Richard and Alice Bristow
Barbara Dodd Broome (72c)
Dennis and Trina Brown
Joan Costley Brown (74C)
Tim Brown (88C)
Jerry and Emily Bullock
Sam Bulow (06C)
Beth Robinson Burgin (97C)
Dakota (14C) and Melissa Kelly (14c) Burke
Becky Burleigh
Glen and Stephanie Bush
Randy and Deborah Butler
Rich and Diane Byers
Michael and Elizabeth Caddell
Wayne (61C) and Madeline Banks (63c) Canady
John Carlton
Vivian Slappy Carney (61C)
Nick (17C) and Mary Grace Carr
Beth Carrin
Patrick Carroll
Patrick Carter (91C)
Tom and Betty Carver
Emma Elder Catlett (45c)
Rodney (90C) and Jill Duffy (90C) Chandler
Kelli Chapman
Aaron (15C) and Lizzie Hendrix (15C) Chastain
Kelly McCafferty Christofferson (84C)
Randall (67C) and Margaret Cochran (68c) Clark
Michael and Maureen Collins
Bill and Martha Collins
Gavin Colquitt (04c)
Joe (88C) and Leanne Hand (87C) Cook
Kris Cook (85C)
John (62C) and Sandy Midkiff (60C) Cooper
Elizabeth Ashe Cope (58C)
Lewis Copeland (60C)
Rosemary Corley
Justin Courtenay
Celeste Creswell Creswell (93C)
Cecily Crow Crow (94C)
Douglas Crowder (93C)
Wesley Crunkleton (01C)
Leigh Culpepper (90C)
Steve and Augusta Davis
Michelle Edenfield Davis (90C)
Eddie DeLoach (74C)
Tina Stancil DeNicole (85C)
Gina Griffeth Dickens (93C)
Jennifer Dickey Dickey (77A)
George Donigian (74C)
Matt Ragan (98C) and Shelly Driskell-Ragan (96C)
Warren Dunn (77C)
Kay Davis Dunn (57C)
Beth Collins Earnst (93C)
Kevin Edwards (92C)
Leon Elder (54C)
Joe (63C) and Shirley Bowen (63c) Elder
Scott (91C) and Stacy Carter (92C) Elder
David Elswick (90C)
Christopher and Rebecca English
William (69C) and Sally Schwartz (69C) Epps
Seth Faurot (01C)
Ruth Fay
Frank George and Ruth Ference
Glenn (71C) and Pam Priest (71C) Ferguson
Stephen Finn
Lamar Fletcher (66A)
Gary (77C) and Hermanett Pruitt (73C) Ford
Sam Forte (19C)
Elaine and Bret Foster
Bob Frank
Sammy (77C) and Holly Wood (73C) Freeman
Terry Frix (86C)
Bobby Walker Fulmer (56C)
Stewart Fuqua (80A)
George and Robina Gallagher
Kay Gardner
Dale (79C) and Karen Burton (79C) Garner
James (62c) and Linda Garner
Francy Jessup Geiger (78C)
Rick (77c) and Debra Bourne (76C) Gilbert
David and Kelli Gillis
Gayle Graviett Gmyrek (67C)
Tim (03C) and Maureen Trane (03C) Goodwin
Mark Graham (93C)
Terry and Molly Graham
Kate and Jonathan Grant
Richard and Susan Green
Dottie Clark Gregg (69C)
Kendra Grimes Grimes (93C)
Reid Grimes (76C)
Charles (80C) and Teresa Stickland (81C) Grubbs
Bill and Cynthia Hale
Evelyn Hamilton Hamilton (69C)
Randy and Nita Hardin
Susan Haritos
Dana Wenger (13C) and William (11C) Harper
Jennifer Harris (93C)
Brant and Tammi Hellwig
Don (65c) and Hiawatha Banks (63C) Henry
Deborah Hill
Peter (60C) and Ernestine Davis (61C) Hoffmann
Myrtle Beckworth Hogbin (65C)
Todd (93C) and Brooke Hold
Bill (67C) and Diane Harris (66c) Holden
LeBron (60C) and Kay Davis (60C) Holden
Pat Barna Holland (69C)
Faye Lovinggood Hood (65C)
Jeffrey Horn (87C)
Paul Howard (82A)
Tim Howard (82C)
Michael (02C, 23G) and Amanda Bradley (03C, 07G) Howell
Jan Deen Howell (60C)
Nettie Howell
Charlie Hudson (62C)
Barbara Ballanger Hughes (71C)
Sharon Bleiler Humphreys (88C)
Denise Riedlinger Iglesias (95C)
Carol Inman
Rick and Jennifer Jackson
Mark and Pat Jackson
Bob (82C) and Medina Mount (82C) Jarman
Todd Jenkins (99C)
Danny Jennings
Jerry Jennings
Russ Jennings (79C)
Max (70C) and Gail McGill (78C, 79G) Johnson
Gene Johnson (54C)
Jim (85C) and Jennifer Smith (85C) Johnson
Ty and Joy Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Ronald Johnson
Walt Johnson (41H)
David and Jennifer Johnston
George (64C) and Starlet Rhodes (64C) Jones
Melanie Jones
Richard Kauffman (73C)
Henry (87C) and Kimberly Winkles (88C) Keith
Steve (63C) and Nancy Harkness (62C) Kelly
Michael and Julia Kimple
Mike and Catherine King
Jenny Duda LaGrange (91C)
Drew Landis (06C)
David Lanier
Dennis (79C) and Jane Williams (80c) Latimer
Brian and Jennifer Ledford
Hart Levy (82C)
Robert and Cheryl Lindgren
Terry (68C) and Charlene Head (67C) Lingerfelt
Cliff Lipscomb (98C)
Floanna Large Long (68C)
Robbie Panter Luedke (63C)
Scott and Andrea Macdiarmid
Skip MacHarg (95C, 01G)
Harikrishnan Madhavan
Latha Coleman Maine (59C)
Jerry and Angela Mallow
Michael Maney (98C)
Joe Mareno (99C)
Craig and Patricia Marijanich
Ernest and Amy Marquart
Barbara Massa
Rufus (75C) and Mary Anne Schimmelmann (75c) Massey
Stanley and Michelle Maxey
Kris Mayo (94C)
Lee and Christin McDaniel
Gavin McGinnis
Shawn McIntire (03C)
James and Lynne McIntosh
Joseph McMahon
Ruel and Lucy McMillian
Gene (65C) and Sandra Dickerson (65C) McNease
Larry (60C) and Clara Hall (60C) McRae
Gail Miller
Dorothy Gaines Mims (52c)
Larry and Mary Montgomery
Robert Moore
Emily Hoppman Moothart (89C)
Gregg and Angela Morgan
John and Missy Morgan
Jeffrey (95C) and Paula Huggins (93C) Morris
Waymon Morris (54H)
Charles Mosby
Samantha Nazione
David Nicholson (84C)
Chad and Lauren Norwood
Beau Nygaard (93C)
Charlie and Ann O'Mahoney
Larry ONeil
Larry (63C) and Kathy Osborn
Hunter Owen
Melton Palmer (64C)
Ed (73C) and Becky Rasure (73c) Palombo
Thomas Partridge (57C)
Imogene Patterson (59C)
Violet Paul
Derrick (06C) and Lindsay Williams (06C) Perkins
Jack Pigott (69A)
Sean Polster
Joan Pope
Danny (88C) and Tammi Ridenhour (87C, 03G, 10G) Price
Robert and Christine Puckett
Eric Puckett (91C)
Teresa Smith Puckett (75A, 92C)
Jonathan and Crystal Purser
Dan Randall
Luke and Ronna Rapach
Lorraine Scott Ratledge (45c)
Dallas Reynolds (65C)
David Rhoades
Jane Fisher Richard (78C)
Randy and Kathy Richardson
Steve and Kristen Riley
Jack Riner (65C)
Alison Lounsbury Ritter (94C)
Fred and J'May Rivara
Tony Rivers (78C)
Meredith Lewallen Roberts (07C)
W.C. (60C) and Sylvia Davis (60C) Rowland
Charles Russell
Scott and Rosie Hoagland (78C) Russell
William Ryan
Duncan Sahner
Tracy Boswell Saless (90C)
Steve Salmon (69C)
Marlene Schneider (49H)
Larry (55C) and Dixie Schoolar
Tom Schuette (77C)
James Scoggins (52C)
Ron Senger (64H, 68C)
Doug and Sandra Sexton
John (64H, 69C) and Jo Shahan
Gary Sheffield
Jean Mitchell Sheffield (54C)
Jeanne Oakes Shipp (74C)
George and Rosalind Simpson
Thomas and Barbara Slocum
Dr. Beverly Smith (69C)
Chad and Melissa Smith
Karen Smith
Mary Chambers Smith (14C)
Peggy Dalton Smith (67C)
Samuel and Fontaine McFerrin (71C) Souther
Laky (84C, 87G) and Kay Hurst (85C) Spas
Tom Spector (74A)
Judy Sperry Sperry (79C)
Ross Spinks (05C)
Daniel Sprinkle (00C)
M.R. Stainton Stainton (94C)
Andrea Boyd Stanley (67C)
Carolyn Stanton Stanton (80C)
Sidney Stowers (67A)
Dan (91C) and Andrea Cantrell (91C) Strain
Jessica Strong
Jean Stutts
Keith (89C, 02G) and Amy Brock (92C, 97G) Summerlin
Gayle Miller Sumner (64C)
Darrell Sutton (00C)
Jason (88C) and Melinda Mitchell (90C) Sweatt
Steve and Michelle Tart
C. L. (57C) and Doris Little (57C) Tate
John and Kelly Tate
Stanley (65C) and Lora Stubbs (65C) Tate
Betty Taylor
Robert and Tania Tedesco
Jacque Terrill (65C)
Scot and Beth Teverino
Fred Tharpe (68A)
Scott and Paige Thompson
Mark (05C) and Rebecca Porter (05C) Thornsberry
Bill (68C) and Avis Cordle (57C) Thornton
Michael Tidwell (98C)
Mildred Campbell Tietjen (61C)
Earl and Carolyn Tillman
Jack Timberlake
Juanita Ensley Tipton (70C)
Dawn and Larry Tolbert
Leila Trismen
Ray (69C) and Pamela Tucker
Sam Turner (66C)
Seth Turner (06C)
G. H. (53C) and Jean Junkins (61c) Underwood
Steve Vaughn
Pete (60C) and Janelle Brumbelow (56H, 60C) Vincent
Mike (14C) and Chrissy Ricketts (15C) Voso
Rob Voutila (09C)
Christine Walker
Katrina Walton
Joe and Lisa Warren
William Warren
Tim (71C) and Joan Kisselburg (73C) Warrick
Charlie (57C) and Keitha Davis (58C) Weatherford
Lamar and Dorenda Weaver
Jane Weise
Lenard and Bernice Ogle (53H) Whaley
Evelyn Wheeler Wheeler (77C)
Whit (81C) and Maria Crego (85c) Whitaker
Courtney and Shari White
Lucile Whitman
John and Mary Beth Whittle
Sue Wilder Wilder (85C)
James (95C) and Carrie Travers (99C) Willard
Wade (84C) and Wendy Grace (90G) Williams
Jim (65C) and Charlotte Ray (64C) Williams
Seymour and Michelle Williams
Terry (72C, 75G) and Betty Gordy (69c) Williamson
Bill Wilson
The late Frank Windham (57c)
Kay Wingo
Jerry (56H) and Louise Conaway (57C) Winton
David (68A, 72C) and Alta Breeden (70C) Wood
Scott and Karen Wood
Rick Woodall
Terry Worley (78C)
Robin and Stephanie Wright
Will Wright
Koji (65C) and Reba Nichols (67C) Yoda
Tad Zappa

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