LifeReady Campaign


Look any direction on the Berry campus, and you will see examples of the student-centric progress made possible by the nearly 19,000 alumni and friends who supported the LifeReady Campaign with gifts of any size. The legacy of the largest fundraising effort in Berry history includes scholarships, facilities, programs and initiatives rooted in the character and experiences that always have set us apart.

Here, we are pleased to recognize by name those who played a leadership role with commitments of $10,000 or more:

$10 million +


$5 million to $9,999,999

Audrey Morgan
WinShape Foundation, Inc.

$1 million to $4,999,999

Bobby Bailey (54C)
Randy and Nancy Berry
Steve Cage (74C)
Al (61c) and Becky Browning (61C) Christopher
Barry (71C) and Michele Irwin (70C) Griswell
Lou Brown Jewell
Estate of Martha Lester
Roy Miller (58C)
Sunny and Kay Park
Ed Sims and Pamela Owens
Joe and Marti Walstad
Boyd Wells (44c)
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, Inc.
Bob (62H) and Kay Williams
Buster (73C) and Janice Wright

$500,000 to $999,999

Edward Addison
Bobbie Bailey Foundation, Inc.
Belladonna Foundation
Alice Bliss
Bryson Foundation, Ltd.
Dianne Cannestra
Ouida Word Dickey (50C)
Chester and Elaine Diercks
Rick and Barbara Gaby
Georgia Independent College Association
Garland Hall
Jack and Karen Holley (74C) Horrell
Jack Jones (57C)
Estate of Margaret Kincaid
Roger (79C) and Candy Caudill (82c) Lusby
Mary Nadassy
Estate of Siva Burnette Pickelsimer (48C)
Reg (51C) and Maxine Strickland
Robert (04C) and Tessa Frye (07C) Swarthout
Fred Tharpe (68A)
Estate of Eugene Worrell

$250,000 to $499,999

George I. Alden Trust
Bobbie Bailey
Jimmy (60C) and Luci Hill (60C) Bell
Stephen and Brenda Briggs
Callaway Foundation
Bert (82C) and Cathy Clark
Estate of Howard (39C) and Elaine Crawford
Janett Cofer Fauley (67C)
Ford Motor Company Fund
Rick (77c) and Debra Bourne (76C) Gilbert
Estate of Charles Gilstrap
Jere Glover
Estate of Miriam Hoover
John Kemp (64C) and Linda Kelso
Estate of Elizabeth Nesbitt Krupa (44c)
Buzz and Barbara Mote (61C) McCoy
Montgomery Family Foundation
Peter and Tamara Musser
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
Marti Sheats Perkins (67C)
Estate of Pauline Pickens
Larry (65C) and Jerry Sculley
Estate of Keith Slayton
Tom and Barbara Slocum
Estate of Clovis Smith
SunTrust Trusteed Foundations: Florence C. and Harry L. English Memorial Fund Greene-Sawtell Foundation Thomas Guy Woolford Charitable Trust
Texas Instruments, Inc.
Estate of Paul Thiele
Truist Foundation
Estate of Estelle Smith Wright (42c)

$100,000 to $249,999

Clinton Ames
Katherine Young Armitage (58c)
Estate of Marie Barlieb
Craig Bleakley
Horace Brown (39C)
Joyce Carper
Bubba and Cindy Cathy
Glenn (62C) and Jena Cornell
Bettie Daniel (84C, 87G)
Estate of Joann Hunter Del Re (49H)
Estate of Julia Quigg Dodd
Estate of Helen Drummond
Estate of Dorothy DuBose (52C)
John (83C) and Elizabeth Webb (84C) Eadie
Christopher Edwards Foundation
Leon Elder (54C)
William H. Ellsworth Foundation
Russ Evans (56C)
Estate of Kemple Mullis Faircloth (53c)
Estate of Kenneth Fraley (59C)
John and Mary Franklin Foundation, Inc.
Estate of Evelyn Carmichael Garrett (35c)
Virginia George
Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.
Walter Gill (63C)
Bradford Gooch
Emily Grigsby
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Jean Miller Hedden (52C)
Marie Hogan (64c)
LeBron (60C) and Kay Davis (60C) Holden
Estate of Lawrence Huston
George (64C) and Starlet Rhodes (64C) Jones
Hubert Judd Charitable Trust
Henry and Norma Kummer
Estate of June Leggett
The Paul C. and Velma Smith Maddox
Mackey McDonald and Shirley Bailey
The Nichols Trust
Celeste Greene Osborn (72C)
Larry (63C) and Kathy Osborn
Violet Paul
Kathy Pollard
Joe (65C) and Nelda Parrish (64C) Ragsdale
Ava Rodgers (53C)
Estate of Chester Roush
Bob Shaw
Raiden Sherman (69C)
Ann Saywell Spears (67C)
Tom Spector (74A)
Estate of Ethel Spruill
Bill and Kay Stokely
Steve and Lisa Fanto (76C) Swain
Michelle and Steve Tart
Randy Tibbals (79C)
Mandy Tidwell (93C)
Tull Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Virgil P. Warren Foundation
Estate of Betty Jones Whitten (60c)
The Frances Wood Wilson Foundation
The John Zellars Jr. Foundation

$25,000 to $99,999

Pat and Colleen Adams
Pat Alderman
Inman and Tricia Allen
John Allen (57H, 61C)
Cathleen O'Connell Anderson (77C)
Terry Anderson
David (84C) and Kelly Asbury
Estate of Evelyn Austin (48c)
Estate of Quincey Baird (52C)
Frank Barron
John Beck (70C)
Joe Bihlmier (91C)
Billy (58C) and Carol Buchanan (56H, 58c) Blair
Rich Bollam
Sheryle Bolton (68c)
John Quinn and Mary Boyd
Billy and Wanda Brewer
Rob (83C) and Amber Brock
Brian (97C) and Susan Wells (97C) Brodrick
Jerry (66A) and Emily Bullock
Arthur (57c) and Jeanne Hourigan (57c) Burch
Brad and Kimberly Bushnell
Doug (83C) and Sabrina Vail (84C) Carter
LeRay de Chaumont Chapter Daughters of the
American Revolution
Chick-fil-A Foundation
Leslie Choitz (76C)
Wendell Clamp
Jim Clark (55C)
Jean Etherton Clark (70C, 74G)
Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc.
Estate of Richard Concilio
John (60C) and Sandy Midkiff (60C) Cooper
Lewis Copeland (60C)
Virginia Allen Cornelison (53C)
Doug and Cyndi Court
Larry (69C) and Nadine NeSmith (71c)
Estate of Mable Cox (50C)
Joe Crain (58C)
Mike (92C) and Margaret Crego
The Daniel Foundation of Alabama
Jim and Judy Dellinger
Tina Stancil DeNicole (85C)
Robert Dennis
Derrick Foundation
Earl DeVane (44C)
Angela R. Dickey (75A, 79C)
Tommy (79C) and Kelley Dopson
Calvin Doss (49C)
Estate of Henry Drummond (35H)
Beth Collins Earnst (93C)
Mike and Debbie Ebert
John Elgin (81C)
Elster Foundation
Ed (57C) and Evelyn Quarles (57C) England
Ray (58C) and Judy Fewell
Jeff (81C) and Carol Field
Don (51H) and Mary Fite
Smith Foster (49H)
A.D. Frazier
Sammy (77C) and Holly Wood (73C) Freeman
Joan Fulghum
Fullgraf Foundation
Will Gaines (93C)
Lee Anne George and David R. Rapp
Georgia Society Daughters of the American
Gail Howard Gibson (82C)
Dwight Glover (84C)
Ed and Gayle Graviett (67C) Gmyrek
Chris Goeckel (84c)
Estate of Ondina Gonzalez
Estate of David Gordon (52C)
Charles M. and Mary D. Grant Foundation
Greater Rome Bank
Darrell (81c) and Sharon Gunby
Yvonne Linker Hall (80C)
Estate of John Hamrick (43H, 47c)
Gregory (82C) and Judy Cash (85C) Hanthorn
Harbin Clinic
Natholyn Dalton Harris (61C)
Ronda Mills Head (96C)
Steve (10G) and Debbie Heida
Heyman Family Foundation
Howell Hollis
Trevor and Sheri Hooper
Tim Howard (82C)
Buford Jennings (58C)
Estate of Edna Burchard Jesse (41H)
Jim (85C) and Jennifer Smith (85C) Johnson
Jimmie Johnson
Ty and Joy Padgett (73C) Johnson
Dale Jones (71C)
Anne and Mark Kaiser
Mark (82C) and Judy Howard (82C) Keappler
Virginia Kelley
Steve (63C) and Nancy Harkness (62C) Kelly
Tom and Melodie Kennedy
The Keown Family in memory of M. Gordon
Jon (91c) and Jennifer Brookshire (91c)
Tim (84c) and Caren Kilpatrick
Duane Price Kline Special Needs Trust
R.F. Knox Company, Inc.
The Lois and Lucy Lampkin Foundation
The Ray M. and Mary Elizabeth Lee Foundation
Mary Lewis
John (54H) and Debra Lie-Nielsen
Terry (68C) and Charlene Head (67C) Lingerfelt
Cliff (98C) and Amelia Lipscomb
Tim (84C) and Lisa Lusby
Leila Madeiros
Phil (68C) and Charlotte Lee (71C) Malone
Joe (99C) and Nicole Mareno
Trib Elrod Mason (39H, 43C)
Tim McIlrath (98C)
Jason (98C) and Renee Spurlock (97C) McMillan
Estate of Patricia McPartlan
Charles McPeake
William and Janette Melson
Araya Mesfin (98C)
Jim Miller (53C)
Estate of Luther Miller
Ruby Vestal Mills (61C)
Jim (90C) and Sandi Thomas (90C) Moody
Estate of John Mooney (60H, 64c)
John and Missy Morgan
Estate of Milton (51C) and Frances Popham
(51C) Morgan
Scott and Fay Neal
Bettyann O'Neill and Ken Sicchitano
James Owens
Joanne Owens
Bud Parker
Lloyd Parker (72C)
Ed Parkerson (55C)
Mary Camp Patrick (69C)
J.M. (60C) and Nona Sparks (58C) Patterson
Bill (76C) and Janet Pence
Mark Piecoro (90C)
Harry and Terri Pierce
Estate of Leonard Pilgrim (52H)
Dan and Kelley Poydence
Progress Container and Display
Shelley Stokely Przewrocki (95C)
PSG Functional Materials
Malcolm (58C) and Yvonne Jackson (59C) Quick
Brent (88C) and Georgia Ragsdale
Sam (76C, 78G) and Nancy Duvall (77C) Ratcliffe
Dallas (65C) and Judi Reynolds
Randy and Kathy Richardson
Frances Richey (83A, 87C)
Tony Rivers (78C)
Pete and Carol Snyder Roberts
Nell Dalton Roberts (52C)
Barbara Robertson (79C)
Marlene Schneider (49H)
Larry (55C) and Dixie Schoolar
James Scoggins (52C)
John Shahan (64A, 69C)
Jerry Shelton (58C)
Annette Simpson
Matt and Gwen Sirmans
Don Slater (77C) and Debbie Poss (78C)
Estate of Amy Smith (79C)
Casey (00C) and Angela Smith
Paul Smith (48C)
The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation
Denise Sumner (89C)
Lem (63C) and Gayle Miller (64C) Sumner
Dorothy Everett Sundy (59C)
Roger (53H) and Neomia Sundy
Stanley (65C) and Lora Stubbs (65C) Tate
Larry and Betty Jane Taylor
Al (63C) and Harriet Keckley (64C) Terry
John Thomason
Michael (87C) and Elizabeth Thompson
Ron (61C) and Bernice Thornton
Brenda Trammell
Roger Tutterow (84C)
Lowell Underwood (49C)
Jim Van Meerten (70C)
Fred Van Streain
Pete (60C) and Janelle Brumbelow (56H, 60C)
Wes Walraven
Larry (63C) and Pat Webb
Lenard and Bernice Ogle (53H) Whaley
Steve (80C) and Cindy Snead (80C) Wherry
Whit (81C) and Maria Crego (85c) Whitaker
The Pait Willis Family
Estate of Evelyn Wilson
Julie Windler
Harry (57H) and Ginna Wise
John Woolbright (91C)
Mary Wooton
Terry (78C) and Kathy Worley
Earl (52C) and Esther Worthington
Estate of Edith Wyatt (26H, 28C)
Chuck (80C) and Regina Yarbrough
John Yow

$10,000 to $24,999

Frank (54H, 58C) and Kathy Adams
W.J. and Crista Albertson
Stan (65C) and Wanda Scott (65C) Aldridge
Brad Alexander (96C)
Bill and Lisa Allen
Mark Aubel (81C)
J.B. (78C) and Diane Brett (81c) Bader
Richard Barley (49H)
Christopher and Stacy Barshick
Richard Bass
Mark Beaver (97C)
Reagan Mills Biwott (97C, 99G)
Jane Jones Block (86C)
Estate of Harriet Brandon
Andrew and Jennifer Rice (07G) Bressette
John (62C) and Geraldine Johnson (62C)
Kevin (99C) and Katy Moore (99C) Brodrick
Niel Brown (90C)
Tim Brown (88C)
Brent and Shannan Browning
Carol Winfrey Burnette (64C)
James (65C) and Susie Cook (65C) Campbell
Katherine Campbell
Wayne (61C) and Madeline Banks (63c) Canady
Cannon Foundation, Inc.
Tom and Betty Carver
Mark and Amy Turner (05C) Cathy
Harlan (58C) and Doris Reynolds (57C)
Charles Chesnut
Paul (88G) and Shannon Clark
John (04C) and Jackie Feit (05c) Coleman
Warren Coleman Fund
Brian and Maria Connors
Estate of Betty Cook (48C)
Joe (88C) and Leanne Hand (87C) Cook
Estate of Beatrice Cooper
James and Kim Cornetet
William Cousins
Johnnie Smith Curry (52H, 55C)
Daughters of Berry
Jennifer W. Dickey (77A, 80C)
Sandy Diffenderfer
Neil and Sharron Dorrill
Charles (64A) and Jane Downey
Estate of Therman (41C) and Elizabeth Bray
(41C) Duckworth
Roger Dunkin (85C)
Ron (56H) and Robbie Barber (56H) Edwards
Joe (63C) and Shirley Bowen (63c) Elder
Estate of Robert Ellis
Mitch (37H, 41C) and Cleone Elrod
David Elswick (90C)
Angi Evert
Paul Ferguson
Estate of Keith Finley
Margaret Finley
First Baptist Church of Rome
First Families of Georgia
Eddie (63C) and Rosa Nutt (64C) Fite
Lamar Fletcher (66A)
Follett Higher Education Group
Bret and Elaine Foster
Bob Frank
John (72C) and Gail Saunders (72C) Frazier
Bobby Walker Fulmer (56C)
Stewart Fuqua (80A)
Loyd Gass (60C)
Sherry Barton Gatlin (66C)
Mack (59C) and Liz Gay
Francy Jessup Geiger (78C)
Georgia Department of Revenue
Georgia Power Company - Atlanta
Vince Griffith (81C) and Angela Hartley
Todd (88C) and Amber Pruitt (89C) Grubbs
Evelyn Hamilton (68C)
Randy and Nita Hardin
Jennifer Harris (93C)
Tom (80C) and Stacey Trott (80C, 83G) Harris
Allen Hayes
Jeffrey Hetsko
The Highfield Foundation
Deborah Hill
Holly Low Hodge (88C)
Bill (67C) and Diane Harris (66c) Holden
Faye Lovinggood Hood (65C)
Jeffrey Horn (87C)
Charlie Hudson (62C)
Barbara Ballanger Hughes (71C)
Hunter Fund
Steve Hunter (83C)
Emily Thomason Ingram (47c)
Raija Itzchaki
Jeff (07C) and Amber Cole (08C) Jahn
Raymond James Charitable Endowment
Travis James (97C)
Earl Johnson
Janna Johnson (81C)
Walt Johnson (41H)
Judy Leverett Jones (61C)
Cecil (66C) and Sallie Moore (66C) Keith
Sue Killcreas (78C)
Hal (60C) and Suzi Golden (60c) Kilpatrick
Bruce (79C) and Nancy Cloud (79C) Kirbo
The Thomas M. and Irene B. Kirbo Charitable
Jenny Duda LaGrange (91C)
Mike Lancaster
Drew Landis (06C)
Dennis (79C) and Jane Williams (80c) Latimer
Estate of Myrtle Joiner Lawhon (43C)
Hart Levy (82C)
Estate of John Lipscomb (40H, 44c)
Lowell (60C) and Dee Hysinger (60C) Loadholtz
Carole Carter Long (60C)
Howie and Anita Berry Lowden
LPL Financial
Robbie Panter Luedke (63C)
Wanda and Will Mack
Estate of Earl Mackery (35C)
Betty Brown Madden (58C)
Greg (91C, 05G) and Michelle Beavin (90C, 01G)
Martha Thomason Mallory (44C)
Riley Mangum (61H)
Joel Martens (86C)
Wesley (63C) and Ruth King (65C) Martin
Rufus (75C) and Mary Anne Schimmelmann
(75c) Massey
Doyle (58C) and Rheba Burch (57C) Mathis
Margaret McCamish
Horton (63H, 67C) and Lynette Moore (67C)
Larry (60C) and Clara Hall (60C) McRae
Sandy Meek
Kermit (55C) and Joyce Burch (57c) Mock
Amos Montgomery
Tom Mullis (57C)
The Nature Conservancy
Anne Cook Neal (52C)
Julie Patrick Nunnelly (88C, 00G)
O’Brien and Gere Engineers, Inc.
Mary Outlaw
Mary Page
Tony Page
Linda Parham
Ellen May Partridge (57C)
Derrick (06C) and Lindsay Williams (06C)
Plainville Brick Company, Inc.
John Powell (58H)
Don Pratt (65C)
Danny (87C) and Tammi Ridenhour (87C, 03G)
Louis and Anita Tancraitor (86C) Profumo
Robert and Christine Dodd (70C) Puckett
Milton M. Ratner Foundation
Brad (04G) and Stephanie Reeder
Jim and Nancy Rhoades
Earnest Rodgers (60C)
Doris Vaughn Rowland
W.C. (60C) and Sylvia Davis (60C) Rowland
Kevin (80C) and Karla Holland (80C) Ryan
Darwin Samples (50C)
Jackie Bradley Scott (83C)
Suzanne and Leamon Scott
Kay Salmon Shahan (67C)
Douglas Sharp
Jason (00C) and Ashley Harp (01C) Sheppard
Estate of Joseph Shiflett (48H)
Jimmy Sibley
Bret Simon (82G)
Estate of Carolyn Thompson Smith (53C)
Frances Smith
Estate of Louise Smith
James and Kathleen Smithson
Sam and Virginia Spector
Andrea Boyd Stanley (67C)
Kendall Stewart (72C)
Richard and Jennifer Stiles
Michael (90C) and Kim Lunney (90C) Strickland
Lola Coleburn Stubbs (39C)
Sue Sullivan
Floyd Suthard
Jason (88C) and Melinda Mitchell (90C) Sweatt
C.L. (57C) and Doris Little (57C) Tate
Texas Society Daughters of the American
Bill (68C) and Avis Cordle (57C) Thornton
Michael (98C) and Justine Tidwell
Mildred Campbell Tietjen (61C)
Earl (52H) and Carolyn Tillman
Billy (62H, 66C) and Marvalee Lord (65C)
Ray (69C) and Pamela Tucker
Charlie (53H, 57C) and Hazel Guthrie (59c)
United States Tennis Association, Inc.
Estate of Samuel Vickery (51C)
Gene Wallace (51C)
Ronnie Wallace (80G)
Lee (58C) and Betty Connell (58C) Waller
Lady Washington Chapter Daughters of the
American Revolution
Estate of Mary Wassom
Gary (80C, 89G) and Bambi Estill (79c) Waters
Charlie (57C) and Keitha Davis (58C) Weatherford
Lamar and Dorenda Weaver
Estate of Robert Webb (47H)
Estate of Virginia Webb (44c)
Philip Whanger (59C)
Sidney (60C) and Nancy Harris (61C) Wheeler
Betty White (47H, 51C)
Len (70C) and Marty Willingham
Frank Windham (57c)
Kay Wingo
Jerry (56H, 60c) and Louise Conaway (57C)
David (68A, 72C) and Alta Breeden (70C) Wood
Alan (64A) and Leanne Killin (69c) Woody
W.M. Word (57c)
Ross and Dottie Wright
Will Wright (01c)
Curt and Mary Martin (71c) Yarbrough
Koji (65C) and Reba Nichols (67C) Yoda
David Yohan (03C)

LifeReady Campaign Results


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