Jeff Jahn (07C) & DynamiX - Focusing on the Positives

Jeff Jahn (07C) & DynamiX - Focusing on the Positives


Donating Websites to Showcase Great Businesses

Jeff Jahn (07C) is helping local and national companies and nonprofits during the COVID-19 pandemic by donating great websites meant to help good news find a voice.

Since social media and the news often focus on the negative, Jeff and his team at DynamiX wanted to help organizations focus on the positive: stories about people who are taking this time to show what they're made of.

In addition to this site, created for Berry College, DynamiX has created incredible sites for #StrongerTogetherATL, the Cobb Chamber and more. Discover how they're making a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic here.

Since 2005, Jeff and his team at DynamiX have driven their client brands forward through incredible software and excellent user experience. In recognition of their dedication and hard work, DynamiX became the World's Most Awarded website development company in 2015 (198), 2016 (338) and 2017 (330), while being named Best Agency, 3x Top 25 Small Business and many more.

A member of the Berry Board of Visitors, recipient of the Berry Alumni Association's Entrepreneurial Spirit Award and an active supporter of the entrepreneurship program at Berry, Jeff remains "Always Berry" in everything he does, focusing on serving others throughout all of his entrepreneurial endeavors, most recently by creating sites like this one.

We're grateful to Jeff and his team at DynamiX for building this website for Berry College to make it possible for us to share the numerous stories of Berry alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends who are making a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic!

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Jeff Jahn at DynamiX
Jeff Jahn DynamiX
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