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Ensuring a Legacy

Ensuring a Legacy

For most people, their first day on a new job is all about completing paperwork to ensure their paychecks are delivered properly and that they are getting the most out of their employee benefits. While those things were true for Mandy Tidwell (93C) when she began her new job earlier this year at Protiviti, a global business consulting firm, another priority was also on her mind - Berry College.

When setting up her employer-provided life insurance policy, Mandy made Berry one of the beneficiaries. "It's an easy way to make an impact," Mandy said. "There's no cost to you. You just set it up and forget it. If I change employers, I'll do it again at the next one."

Setting up a gift from your employer-provided life insurance policy is as easy as asking your human resources representative about it or going online to your company's benefits page. Either way, you can configure your employer-provided life insurance policy or 401K to make Berry your beneficiary or contingent beneficiary, as Mandy did. You can also choose to leave part to your family and part to Berry. Mandy's message is simple: explore your options because it's a painless way to give.

Mandy (center) is pictured with her parents, Cherie and Bill, at the Berry at the [Rome] Braves alumni event.

Helping Berry students has long been a priority for Mandy. She began giving shortly after graduation and has continued faithfully every year, endowing the Tray Tidwell Music Experience Scholarship in memory of her late brother, supporting numerous other scholarship funds, and giving generously to other high-priority college projects. Her new life insurance policy gift is unrestricted.

"Berry is such an important part of me," Mandy said. "It gave me that first opportunity to be independent and was a place where I formed lifelong friendships. It's important to me that, as I move forward in my career and have more success, I make sure that same opportunity continues to be there for students. That's why giving back is so import to me. Berry is a place I want to be part of my legacy. I believe in Berry and I want it to thrive, that's why I'm willing to put my money where my beliefs are."

For more information about how you can use life insurance to give a gift to Berry or if you have any questions about making an estate gift, please contact Helen Lansing (20G), senior planned giving officer, at 706-378-2867 or hlansing@berry.edu.


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