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Carrying Berry into the World

Everyone agrees - there's something special about Berry that stays with you. Here are more stories of how Berry alumni, students and friends are channeling that spirit in their careers, service and lives.

These alumni, students and others are showing what it means to be "Always Berry" - and making a difference in the process.

Selfie of Berry alumna and nurse Keeley Patterson
Headshot of Berry alumnus Jeremy Walker
Headshot of Berry alumnus Daniel Alligood
Berry alum Ted Goshord smiles at the camera
Berry alumna sits on the floor wearing athletic gear
Berry alumna Bonnie Stevens stands outside while holding a dog on a leash.
Berry alumnus Danny Price leans over sewing kit while making face masks
Headshot of Berry alumna Kimberly McDonald
Berry alumna Susan Powell and her husband smile for a close-up photo
Headshot of Berry alumna Jennifer Allen Williams
Professional headshot of Berry alumna Robin Hubier
Berry Alumni Save a Student Scholarship recipient Joseph White
Berry alumni Save a Student Scholarship recipient Brandon Palmer
a man wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera
a man wearing a suit and tie
Caroline Pemberton standing in front of a building
a man wearing a suit and tie
Heitor De Paula Save a Student Scholarship
Jessie Hilburn Save a Student Scholarship
Lucy Miranda Save a Student Scholarship
Blood Drive Larry Arrington
Food Drive Laurie Chandler
Frank Adams (54H, 58C) and wife Kathryn pose with Berry student at Scholarship Night
Sunny K. Park
Chris Arnold (20C)
Kira Coats (03C)
Kristy Crooks (98C)
Nina Funderburk (06C)
Berry alumna Leigh Harper (09C)
Hiawatha Henry (63C)
Bart Hill (97C)
Stephanie Hill (96c)
Berry student Cassie LaJeunesse (20C)
Peggy Howard Note Writing Crew
Tim Goodwin (03C) & Goodwin Investment Advisory
Joy Johnson Face Masks Crew
Shanna Mast (10C)
Jean Lacey Note Writing Crew
Morgan Massey (18C)
Genesis Leggett (20C)
Ivy Holt Morris (16C) and husband
Paton Roden (15C) on IG Story for her job at UAB
Noah Stewart
Matthew Warren (08C)
Walt Wiley (07C)
Maggie Will (15C)
Karen Houghton (01C) & Atlanta Tech Village
Berry alumnus Christopher Zefting (14C)
Anna Johnson Save a Student Scholarship
Joaquin Bravo Save a Student Scholarship

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